Many homeowners know what it’s like to entertain guests, and while some enjoy lavish parties and others prefer small get-togethers, there are some key features you can utilize in your outdoor living space to help entertaining go smoothly.

You can always entertain indoors if you wanted to, but then you’ll have to deal with the stress of cleaning before everyone arrives, cleaning after everyone leaves, and then trying to make sure none of your prized possessions get damaged during the actual get together. It’s a lot to manage, especially if your indoor space isn’t very big, so moving events outside will take some weight off your shoulders while still allowing your guests to enjoy themselves.

Of course, trying to throw a party in an empty backyard is going to feel a little bland. That’s why we’re here to tell you some key features you’ll want in your yard for all entertaining needs.

Pergola or Pavilion

Some sort of covering for your patio is going to be one of the simplest and easiest ways to help make your entertainment space great. Pergolas and pavilions are fairly similar but depending on your needs one could work better for you than the other.

For entertaining rain or shine, a pavilion is going to be the better option for you, as it fully covers the patio to keep everyone out of the elements. You can enjoy your time with friends and family even if it starts pouring rain suddenly.

If you’re just looking for some extra shade, a pergola will fit your needs just fine. They can also be covered with thick plastic to still allow light through, though, if you want the look of a pergola without sacrificing the ability to stay dry from the rain.

Patio coverings are great for times when you aren’t entertaining guests as well, which is one reason why so many homeowners opt for one in their yard.

Outdoor Kitchen

For those that regularly host at their home and do all of the cooking for it, fully committing to an outdoor kitchen could truly benefit you and your guests when it comes to entertaining. Outdoor kitchens allow you the versatility of cooking full meals outdoors while entertaining, so you can be a great host.

Nobody wants to be running from their indoor kitchen back to their yard trying to multitask cooking and mingling, and an outdoor kitchen and dining space will completely solve that problem. You can be fully attentive to your guests and your food at the same time, and everyone will love being able to see the action happen while they wait.

Fireplace or Fire Pit

Enjoying entertaining in your outdoor living space all year round is going to be made much easier if you have some sort of fire feature to keep you and your guests warm. They’re wonderful centerpieces, and they act as a heating feature if you want to have friends and family over for the holidays in the colder months. New Year’s Eve is an especially great time to have an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, so everyone can stay warm while you watch fireworks.

You can also roast marshmallows and hot dogs, as well as other snacks with a fire pit or fireplace. This is a fun bonding experience for anyone with kids that you might have over.

If you choose a fireplace for your outdoor space, you can also mount a TV on it or even add speakers so that you can watch sporting events or play music while everyone enjoys themselves by the fire.

Outdoor entertaining doesn’t have to be hard or stressful, and adding any of these features to your space will help you host more efficiently. If you’re interested in hiring us to build any of these features or something else for you, just give us a call or fill out the form on our contact page for a FREE consultation!

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