As summer is coming to a close, you might not be considering adding a pool house or patio cover to your outdoor living space, but as it gets too cold to actually use your pool, this is the perfect time to start construction!

Pool houses and patio covers are two of the best additions for homeowners with swimming pools. There are so many great benefits that you get out of either option, or you’ll get them all times two if you opt for both! Here are just a handful of reasons why a pool house or free-standing patio cover would be a great addition to your outdoor living space.

Perfect Storage Space for Pool Accessories

With a great pool comes great amounts of pool accessories. If you’re a swimming pool owner, you know that very well already. It’s nearly impossible to have a pool without having dozens of items of all sizes that are necessities for your pool. The biggest struggle that so many pool owners face is finding a place to put them all.

Pool houses are the solution to the never-ending problem! However, you want to set yours up, you can create the ideal storage space for all of your pool-related belongings. This is especially handy since you likely have a decent amount of chemicals to keep the pool clean and clear, and you can safely store them away from young children or pets who might get into them.

Keep Your Home Dry

We all know the struggle of having a dip in the pool and then suddenly needing to use the restroom. You either have to sit outside and dry off or risk the chance of getting water everywhere in the house. You can easily put a restroom in your pool house so you have a designated space that can handle a little pool water! You can keep it simple with just a toilet and a sink, or you can even splurge for a shower as well to rinse off the pool water after you’re done for the day.

Extra Guest Space

You can always turn your pool house into an extra room or small guest house. This allows you to host more people at your home, especially if you’re inviting a bunch of friends and family over periodically for pool parties. They can comfortably enjoy visiting without causing too much trouble for you. It also gives them plenty of privacy, which your guests will greatly appreciate. If you have kids, it can also be a fun place for them to have sleepovers all year round, or even have someone stay if you need a house sitter.

Entertaining and Relaxation Space in One

If a pool house is a bit out of your range, free-standing patio covers are great for providing shade while you relax or entertain by the pool. Even if you do opt for a pool house, you have a patio cover built onto it to provide you space to hang out even when you’re not using the inside of the pool house. It’s a great two-in-one choice that you and your guests will love.

Either way, having a good place to put a table and chairs, a grill, a fire pit, or even an entire outdoor kitchen is sure to let you enjoy your time out of the pool just as much as the time in the pool! Pool houses and free-standing patio covers are such versatile spaces that can truly benefit you in so many ways.

If you’re in search of a contractor who can build either one (or both!) for you, give us a call or fill out the form on our contact page today for a FREE CONSULTATION on your project idea! We look forward to hearing from you.

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