Pergolas are incredible additions that you can add to your patio, especially if you want to increase your time and comfort outdoors. They allow shade, are beautiful, add value to home, and have so many more benefits.

Though, it is inevitable overtime that your pergola needs an update. Woods gray overtime, styles change, and sometimes you just want something new! Here are some ways you should renovate your pergola and why.

  1. Change out the stain:

Stain is an extremely important step in owning a pergola and can completely impact the look of it. When you stain and seal your pergola, you are adding an extra layer of protection. Factors such as UV rays and different weather elements will negatively affect the look of your wood. When you add a stain and seal, you have multiple options if you want a natural or contrasting look.

Stain allows you to create a new look of your pergola. This is a process that is recommended to be done every 2-3 years, so it is important to note that it can add an extra expense but it is well worth it. The best part about choosing a stain is it is all about your personal preference, so if you have an idea in your mind of what you want your pergola to look like, there is probably a stain for you!

  1. Add Metal:

Metal is extremely durable and reliable if you are wanting to renovate your pergola by adding a roof. It provides extra protection from weather elements, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor patio in many elements. A couple of different options for metal types are copper, lead, steal, etc. It is encouraged to have a contractor install a metal roof due to the level of difficulties that can range with metal types so that is an important cost. Also know that metal can be pricey but adds a nice, clean look for lots of pergolas if you are looking to renovate.

  1. Add plants and greenery:

A nice aspect of pergolas is the aesthetic it provides when combined with greenery or plants. Plants liven up the look of a pergola while increasing shade and can enhance the overall look of it. A couple of great vines that can be grown on a pergola are bougainville, wisteria, and many more. 

Remember though that as seasons come and go, they affect the growth and life of your plants, and so it can be an extra hassle cleaning up after debris plants may leave behind. Plants are often not as expensive as other options though, so if you are wanting a cheaper option for renovating your pergola, look no further!

There are so many reasons why you should renovate your pergola and so may options at hand. Whatever you choose, we want to be there to help guide you through your decision making and be a resource for any questions you have. Make sure to call us or fill out the form on our contact page so we can get in touch! It is time for you to take that next step for your pergola and we want to be right there with you.

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