Outdoor kitchens are great for anyone who loves to cook or entertain. There are a million different ways to customize your outdoor kitchen to fit all of your needs, and refrain from wasting time and money on the things you’re not interested in. 

Counterspace – Having plenty of counterspace in your outdoor kitchen is one of the most important things, besides an actual grill, of course. Having plenty of space to be able to prepare food and set finished dishes is going to be incredibly helpful. Consider your current kitchen when deciding how much counterspace you’ll need. Does your current kitchen have too little, too much, or the perfect amount of counterspace? Using that as a frame of reference can help make the design process for your outdoor kitchen much easier.


Grill – Finding the perfect grill for your outdoor kitchen is going to be one of the most important things to do. College Station Covered Porch and Outdoor Kitchens can help you state of the art appliances with ease. Whether you want a small, portable grill or a large, stationary one, we’ve got you covered. If you already have a particular grill in mind, our designers can build the rest of the design around it, and our installers will gladly work around it.


Refrigerator – A refrigerator is another important part of an outdoor kitchen. While you always have the ability to pick and choose what appliances you put into your outdoor kitchen, as the premier outdoor kitchen contractor is College Station, we really recommend having a fridge outdoors. Not only is it extra storage space for items that need to stay cold, but it will come in handy for having cold drinks or ice that you might need for guests. Again, if you have a specific refrigerator in mind, our installers will be happy to build your kitchen around it.


Side Burners – Having burners where you can prepare side dishes for your meals outdoors will be super helpful, especially when it comes to hosting gatherings. You won’t want to be running from your indoor kitchen to your grill outside for a single meal, so having the ability to do all of your cooking outdoors is a great option. You can customize this aspect as well, meaning you can have just a single burner, two burners, a standard four burners, or even more if necessary.


Storage – Another important feature you will want plenty of is storage space. You might think a single cabinet will be plenty but be sure to consider what all you’re going to be storing in your outdoor kitchen. Food, utensils, pots and pans, plates, glasses, etc. all add up and you won’t want to realize later on that you didn’t factor in enough storage for all of the items you have. Again, using your indoor kitchen as a reference is incredibly helpful.


Shelter – This isn’t really a necessity, but you might find that you’d prefer it for your outdoor kitchen. It can be incredibly frustrating to go through the effort of planning an entire dinner party or event in your backyard only for it to start raining last minute and completely throw off your plans. This wouldn’t be an issue, though, if you had a covering for your patio installed to keep the weather elements out. This can range anywhere from a covered pergola to a pavilion, and from wood to vinyl to metal. If you want to keep your covering attached to your home, we also have the ability to match whatever roofing is currently on your home.


Lighting – This is one of those important features you might not have even bothered to consider. Making sure your outdoor kitchen has plenty of lighting is going to be really helpful. You’re not always going to have the option of cooking during the sunlight hours, so being able to see at night is essential. We have skilled electricians who can do almost anything you want when it comes to lighting.


Bug Zappers – With having focused lighting outdoors, a bug zapping lamp is going to be your best friend. You cannot escape insects when you’re outdoors and spraying down with bug spray can leave you sticky and oily, which is not ideal. To minimize some of the pain, keeping an insect killer around should prove to be beneficial. Nobody wants insects flying into the food when you’re trying to cook, so eliminating these pests before they can get to the grill is going to save everyone some stress.


Bar/Seating – Having plenty of space for guests to sit is going to make your outdoor kitchen a lot more enjoyable. Whether you have an actual island bar and stools, or a separate dining area, that’s up to you. You could also work in an outdoor living room if you really wanted to go all out.


Trash/Compost/Recycling – With all of the cooking and hosting you’ll be doing in your outdoor kitchen, you’re definitely going to need somewhere to throw away trash that won’t be so out in the open for bugs and critters to get into. Having a trash built into your counters will be the best option for you. And for those that are looking for eco-friendly options, you can have your trash bin sectioned off for recyclables and composting.


Dishwasher – This is going to be a good option for those that plan on spending a lot of time in their outdoor kitchen entertaining. Having a million dishes to wash from a get-together can be daunting, but even more so when you have to carry all of those dishes inside to put them in your regular dishwasher. And then you might run into the issue of your regular dishwasher being full from casual use. Installing a dishwasher in your outdoor kitchen can help eliminate this problem completely, and it will keep your outdoor dishes separate from your indoor dishes, so there’s no confusion.


Ceiling Fans/Heat Lamps – When you choose to exist outdoors, you obviously are at Mother Nature’s mercy when it comes to the weather. Installing ceiling fans will be helpful on those hot, humid summer days, and heat lamps will save your life during the winter months. You could also opt to install an outdoor fireplace or fire pit if you wanted a way to stay warm that’s a bit more aesthetically pleasing.

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We believe in treating our customers like family, and only building and installing the highest quality work we can. As far as we’re concerned, your projects are our projects, and we wouldn’t settle for anything less than perfect in our own homes, so we won’t let you settle either. We currently do most of our work in Bryan, TX and College Station, TX, but also work in Navasota, TX, North Zulch, TX, Anderson, TX, Caldwell, TX, and Hearne, TX. If you live in any surrounding area to these towns, we are more than happy to accommodate you as well! We love expanding and growing our business. 

If you need an outdoor kitchen, whether it be for entertaining, relaxing, gathering, or driving up the value of your home, College Station Covered Porch and Outdoor Kitchens can give it to you!

Outdoor kitchens are great for those that enjoy hosting parties or just spending lots of time outdoors and also enjoy cooking. They can be extremely helpful when it comes to backyard barbecues and nights spent with friends and family and are also just a wonderful addition to the outside of your home. 

But where do you even start?

There are a few different types of outdoor kitchens: moveable, prefab, and custom.

Moveable kitchens are very simple and basic, and you can hide them when you’re done, where prefab kitchens are usually specific pieces you can mix and match. Then there are custom outdoor kitchens, which is the more permanent option designed and installed by a contractor, aka, College Station Covered Porch and Outdoor Kitchens. These are the sleeker and more finished version of outdoor kitchens that seem to only be gaining popularity. 

For the custom kitchens, they can be designed however you desire. There are endless options for materials, including brick, stone, wood, granite, etc. These options also come in various different colors, shades, and patterns. This means there is something for everyone, and you don’t have to worry about your outdoor kitchen not looking exactly like you want.

Once you have your chosen materials, you can then decide exactly what kind of appliances you want to fit the space and arrange them in a way that will best benefit you. Common arrangements we see as Brazos County’s go-to outdoor kitchen contractor are U shaped kitchens and L shaped kitchens. Installing islands in the middle of kitchens is also something many of our other customers are interested in. They provide extra counter space and can even be utilized as a bar.

Here at College Station Covered Porch and Outdoor Kitchens, we specialize in exquisitely built custom kitchens. We pride ourselves in being the best in the business as an outdoor kitchen contractor, and we want to show you first hand why we, and our previous customers, think so.

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