The holidays are already upon us and visiting other’s homes or having them visit yours may have you realizing that your home is lacking something. It might be a bit too late for you to add anything to your home for holiday hosting this year, but it’s never bad to prepare for next year! College Station Covered Porch and Outdoor Kitchens is here to help with a few ideas for some perfect outdoor living additions we can build for you to give you the perfect entertaining space next time you need to host a get-together.

Celebrating outdoors during the winter might not sound ideal, but since Texas winters usually aren’t that cold anyway, you can actually make your outdoor living space super cozy with the right additions.

  • Installing a Covered Porch/Patio: The best foundation for a good outdoor entertainment space is a covered patio. Not only are patios lovely additions to homes and a nice place to gather all year round, but if they’re covered it will help you and your guests stay out of any rain or snow you might get during the holidays.
  • Plenty of Seating: Seating is a bit obvious, but very necessary! Making your porch feel cozy and comfortable with plenty of space for guests to sit and relax is super important. You have plenty of room to customize this aspect of your space, too. Whether you want an outdoor dining room, a few benches and chairs, or even a full outdoor living room, it is up to you. Choosing various different colors and patterns can really give your space a lot of personality.
  • Add an Outdoor Fireplace/Fire Pit: This is going to be the saving grace of your outdoor entertainment space for the holidays. A fireplace or fire pit are going to be a bit more extravagant options, but they are so worth it. They will keep you and your guests warm all evening long, and they provide a nice ambiance as well. Nothing is more festive than sitting by the fire with your loved ones, drinking hot chocolate and roasting marshmallows by the fire.
  • Bonus – Installing an Outdoor Kitchen: This option is for those that really want to make the most of their outdoor entertainment space. Having an outdoor kitchen installed onto your covered patio will sure to come in handy if you often host gatherings at your home. Not only will it be a great option for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, because you can do all of your cooking and hosting in the same space, but it will also be super beneficial for the warmer months when you want to host as well, or even just on nights when you want to grill for your family and enjoy the outdoors. And with the ability to customize what kitchen appliances you want installed; you really cannot go wrong with an outdoor kitchen.

College Station Covered Porch and Outdoor Kitchens is the number one outdoor living contractor in the Bryan-College Station, TX area. We can replace and install any sort of outdoor living structure for residential and commercial needs. Our construction is the highest quality, and so is our customer service. College Station Covered Porch and Outdoor Kitchen designs and builds custom firepits, fireplaces, pergola, porches, patios, outdoor kitchens and more for any need you might have.

When it comes to us, you can always know you’re going to get:

•           Superior Construction and Installation

•           Affordable and Fair Pricing

•           FREE Quotes/Estimates on ANY project

Bryan-College Station, TX’s Go-To Outdoor Living Contractor

College Station Covered Porch and Outdoor Kitchen is skilled in giving you the best construction and installation, and we’re always sure to keep the project within your budget to the best of our abilities. Of course, our construction and contractor abilities cover many different areas of expertise, both residentially and commercially. We are always interested in branching out and working on new, exciting projects as well.

We believe in treating our customers like family, and only building and installing the highest quality work we can. As far as we’re concerned, your projects are our projects, and we wouldn’t settle for anything less than perfect in our own homes, so we won’t let you settle either. We currently do most of our work in Bryan, TX and College Station, TX, but also work in Navasota, TX, North Zulch, TX, Anderson, TX, Caldwell, TX, and Hearne, TX. If you live in any surrounding area to these towns, we are more than happy to accommodate you as well! We love expanding and growing our business.

Our contracting expertise isn’t limited to any one sort of installation, we’re much more than that:

–      Outdoor Kitchen Contractor

–      Covered Patio Contractor

–      Fire Pit and Fireplace Contractor

–      Concrete Contractor

–      Deck Contractor

–      Pergola Contractor

–      Swimming Pool Contractor

–      Carpentry Contractor

–      Masonry Contractor

–      Fencing Contractor

–      Landscaping Contractor

–      General Contractor

If you think of any other projects you want College Station Covered Porch and Outdoor Kitchens to work on, get in touch with us! We are based in the Bryan-College Station, Texas area, but regularly work in the following locations:

–      Anderson, Texas

–      Brenham, Texas

–      Caldwell, Texas

–      Conroe, Texas

–      Franklin, Texas

–      Hearne, Texas

–      Kurten, Texas

–      Madisonville, Texas

–      Navasota, Texas

–      North Zulch, Texas

–      Plantersville, Texas

–      Snook, Texas

–      Somerville, Texas

If you don’t see your town listed, but you live in a nearby area and are interested in our services, please contact us! We are always looking to branch out and complete projects in new cities.

College Station Covered Porch and Outdoor Kitchens is always sure to take care of any sort of building permits that are necessary for your projects. The only thing you’ll need to take care of is checking with your HOA (if you have one) to make sure we have the greenlight for construction. Everything else is properly handled by us. If you’d like a better look at the General Development Standards for College Station, TX, click here.

If you’re interested in working with College Station Covered Porch and Outdoor Kitchens, then all you have to do is give us a call or fill out the form on our contact page! Leave as much info for us as you’d like, and we will read it over and get back to you about your project.

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